I'm very happy To Be Able To Be Show You What I did with my life. The Years of support from my community means the world to me.

Capone Artwork Collections

Rene Capone Fine Art

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About Rene Capone

Rene Capone These collections features the most emotionally evocative paintings and drawings from the artist's twenty-year career, highlighting his most beloved works of art collected around the globe. Well-known for his mystical depictions of young males looking for their place in the world, Capone explores themes of truth, beauty, love, romance and sexuality through diverse depictions of the male body. This book contains page after page of intimate characters, ranging from naked young men in an Edenic relationship with nature, to boys in love trapped in stark and threatening landscapes, to colorful reimagining of Greek myths, Tarot cards, and savage archetypes. Capone invites the sacred to play alongside your own path through the forest, where creativity is the most nourishing substance in life.

"Rene Capone's artwork is visually stunning and emotionally loud. The images in the paintings can be both erotic and sensual, introspective and proud. For a gay boy viewer, who can see shades of himself depicted in the paintings, Rene's work is both liberating and incredibly sexy."
-Mike Glatze, XY magazine (2001)

"In Rene Capone's work he creates a world where boys become avatars, taking on the characteristics of animals and transforming their identities both physically and spiritually. Capone appropriates and references traditional fairy tale themes. Capone personal theme is that of hope in his audience will find the courage to stand up for themselves, accept who they are and dare to be better."
- San Francisco Public Library (2011)