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"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, rather than a second-rate version of somebody else" - Judy Garland


Rene Carol Capone (b. September 22, 1978) is an American painter known for his depiction of the male figure with whimsical and mysterious imagery often used together. He also works with elements of fable and myth. Capone's art conveys a sense of wonder, exploration and discovery. Twenty years ago, Capone began his career as an artist creating dreamlike, sensual, often homoerotic images of young men in search of love, identity, and their place in the world. His paintings and drawings are now highly prized by collectors and on the walls of private and corporate collectors around the world.

He attended Parsons School of Design in New York City on a merit Scholarship. Majored in Fine Arts and focused his efforts of rendering the figure. Capone also attended The San Francisco Art Institute in SF, CA for continue education. Currently he resides in The Bay Area of California.

His works have been compiled in the books "Any Given Moment" and "A Boy Named", both of which are available on

He self-published a graphic novel "The Legend of Hedgehog Boy" in 2011, a story about a boy who ventures into the woods to find his identity. The book struck a deep cord within the youth of the LGBT community. Other publishing achievements include: "Stripped: The Illustrated Male" from Bruno Gmunder. Featured in RFD Magazine, The Leslie Lohman Arts Journal, Blue, XY, Wilde Literary Journal and most recently The Advocate interviewed Capone with arts and culture critic Adam Sandel. K-OODI Art Magazine from Helsinki featured his art in their spring issue of 2016.

Between 2014 -2017 Rene had a series of bone and hip replacement surgeries due to side affects from medications given to him by doctors. A medical malpractice case of epic proportions with the guilty individuals escaping consequence. He spent four years in state of severe disability and yet continued to work on his craft through out the ordeal.

Currently he is recovering from those surgeries. "The Zebra Boy Chronicles" a series of paintings and drawings created over the past three years was his metaphorical way of commenting on the experience of surgery and the betrayal of physicians he knew personally. Now in 2017 Rene can once again walk and is looking forward to the future.


Rising From Ashes Zebra Boy by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy Looking Back by Rene Capone


Reclined Striped and Symbolic by Rene Capone


Golden Zebra High Noon by Rene Capone


Frightfull Night Gaze by Rene Capone


Nude Male Composition by Rene Capone


Desire Remains The Same by Rene Capone


Capone Archer In Green by Rene Capone


Ranger by Rene Capone


Twisted and Blue by Rene Capone


Bedlam by Rene Capone


Balance by Rene Capone


Cradle My Heavy Heart by Rene Capone


A Boy Named Truth by Rene Capone


Your Eyes Spell Trouble I can See You In The Dark by Rene Capone


Tough Love by Rene Capone


Bearing Mysteries by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy Number Nine by Rene Capone


My Castle Is Burning by Rene Capone


Surving 1986 and the Digital Drum Beat by Rene Capone


Balance by Rene Capone


Storms in San Francisco by Rene Capone


Splash of Blue by Rene Capone


Sorrowing Genius by Rene Capone


Bathed in White Light by Rene Capone


Fallen by Rene Capone


Kiss and Kill by Rene Capone


Nude Boy with Golden Hair by Rene Capone


Melancholy Nude by Rene Capone


Yellow Swans with Love Potions by Rene Capone


Twisting Towards the Light by Rene Capone


Blond Boy Version 3 by Rene Capone


The Golden Boys Stares Back by Rene Capone


Self Portrait 2016 by Rene Capone


Chronickles of Zebra Boy by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy in Spring by Rene Capone


Growing Pains Zebra Boy by Rene Capone


Strength in Blue Stripes, Zebra Boy #6 by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy Ends His Journey by Rene Capone


Runaway Zebra by Rene Capone


Zebra In Love by Rene Capone


Seduction of Stripes by Rene Capone


Between Stripes by Rene Capone


Protecting the Zebra Fields by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy the Lost Gold Drawing by Rene Capone


Zebra in Green by Rene Capone


Return of Zebra Boy by Rene Capone


Zebra Boy at Dawn by Rene Capone